Golf VX Simulators vs. The Others: Software (2/5)

If you read the first edition of this series or are in the market for golf simulator technology, you likely know how overwhelming it is to navigate the abundance of information on golf sim tech and determine where to play, what to buy, or which system is truly the best.

To help you out, we’ve compiled all available data on simulators into a series of articles that break down their key features through the lens of the best options or standards in that category vs. the Golf VX T2 Simulator.

The second installment of this five-part series will dive into software with comparisons for technology, add-ons, customization, and logistics already published or coming soon! Let’s start exploring one of the biggest unknowns about golf simulators: software.


  • Golf VX: Offers the most expansive suite of practice, play and competition setups including 330+ courses and 20+ ways to play in the most advanced and continuously improving software package on the market.
  • Other Systems: Typically fall short in one of the three main applications of a golf simulator and only provide 20 to 300 courses and 10-20 ways to golf which can come at an additional cost.

Game Modes

  • Golf VX: Has 20+ game modes, including seven practice modes for long, short, and putting games, as well as stroke, match, scramble, and various competitive, connected, or friendly playing modes.
  • Other Systems: Provide 10 to 20 different ways to golf, including unique games like Full Swing Football or Jewel Match, with others putting their own twists on match or target-based games.

Other Sports

  • Golf VX: Exclusively focuses on golf, ensuring the most detailed, realistic, and immersive golf experience possible.
  • Other Systems: Can have up to 13 sports such as Zombie Dodgeball which is great if you’re not as golf-focused.


  • Golf VX: Has a catalogue with 330+ courses, including close to 300 in Asia and an expanding selection in the US and Europe, providing a wide range of international options. It also features one of the few built-in course software packages that doesn’t require any additional payment.
  • Other Systems: Have between 20 and 300 courses with catalogues endangered by the Birdies Act due to not owning licensing for terrain and imaging data. Often times it is an additional payment for extra courses.

Swing Analysis

  • Golf VX: Offers proprietary AI swing analysis software that collects biomechanical, shot, club, and ball data, analyzes it, and gives actionable feedback like a real-life swing coach.
  • Other Systems: Usually have some form of camera replay and range from systems like Trackman with Tracy AI focused on club data, to GolfZon which offers no game improvement solutions.

Virtual Caddie

  • Golf VX: Includes a virtual caddie that will line up your putts and set your yardage, enhancing the strategic depth and realism of the game.
  • Other Systems: Don’t offer any type of assistance to the player in terms of putting or distance aside from GolfZon.

User Interface

  • Golf VX: The most customizable and user-friendly interface in the industry, allows full control over player turns, tee choices, green speeds, and more. Golf VX uniquely controls all software functionality in-house.
  • Other Systems: Can provide solid graphics and functionality but never offer the same level of customization, real-time response, or continued development and improvement of the UI/UX.

Key Takeaways

  • Golf VX offers unmatched variety in game modes with over 20 options including practice and competitive modes, outpacing FullSwing and Foresight as the other market leaders.
  • Golf VX focuses exclusively on golf providing a deeply immersive experience, while systems like Trackman support multiple sports but lack Golf VX’s golf-specific depth.
  • Golf VX’s extensive course catalogue includes over 330 international courses with built-in software, offering greater variety and flexibility than Uneekor or Golfzon.
  • Golf VX leads in software development & innovation with AI swing analysis, virtual caddie, and fully customizable player, round, and conditions enhancing gameplay and feedback beyond what competitors provide.