Golf VX’s T2 Simulator vs. The Others: Technology (1/5)

If you’re in the market for golf simulator technology, or even just interested in it, you likely know how overwhelming it can be to navigate through all of the available information on golf sim tech and determine where to play, what to buy, or which system is truly the best.

To help you out, we’ve compiled some data into a series of articles that break down the key features of golf simulators through the lens of Golf VX versus best options or standards in that category.

The first installment of this five-part series will delve into technology with comparisons for software, add-ons, customization, and logistics to come. Let’s start by exploring the technology behind the Golf VX simulator. 


  • Golf VX: Utilizes ARC Sensors with 3800 FPS camera capture system for ball, club, and shot data along with a moving floor plate, auto-tee, and easy touch console. This advanced setup ensures precise data capture, accuracy, and versatile gameplay. 
  • Other Systems: Employ various combinations of cameras, infrared or doppler radar systems with some not being in a fixed position on the wall or ceiling which can lead to inaccuracies or unrealistic gameplay.


  • Golf VX: Powered by a custom-built supercomputer optimized specifically for golf simulation, graphics, and response ensuring unparalleled performance and entertainment.
  • Other Systems: Use custom computers or standard processors, usually sitting on a desk or cabinet with a mouse, keyboard, and sometimes a touch screen monitor but rarely a seamless console.

Graphics Engine 

  • Golf VX: Utilizes a proprietary graphics system developed for the T2 Simulator ensuring every shot is displayed with precision and realism through crip visuals.
  • Other Systems: Don’t talk much about their graphics engines, but many outsource development and/or run on less-than-optimal platforms.


  • Golf VX: Equipped with two 1900 FPS cameras in each ARC sensor, along with AI swing analysis cameras which capture face-on and down-the-line video for detailed and accurate feedback.
  • Other Systems: Have varied camera systems, ranging from 400 to 4600 FPS, but none combine the high frame rate and comprehensive AI analysis found in Golf VX. 

Senors / Radar 

  • Golf VX: Has an ARC Sensor which captures data from in front of the player as opposed to direct overhead sensing which can cause misreads or no-reads.
  • Other Systems: Typically utilize infrared and radar technologies which can be affected by dust, system calibra


  • Golf VX: Comes with an LCD 5000+ Lumens projector that is customizable to meet individual preferences, ensuring a bright and clear display.
  • Other Systems: Are normally high-lumen but rarely have the projector included in the simulator price. Not only will this be thousands in extra cost, but also likely not as dynamic and sharp.

Key Takeaways 

  1. Golf VX stands out as the only company with all of the following: ARC sensing at 3800 FPS, real-time response, auto-tee, streamlined keypad, moving swing plate, touchscreen console, crisp graphics, AI Swing Analysis, connected multiplayer, and more!
  1. FullSwing and Foresight provide comprehensive camera and infrared systems but lack the detailed specifications and customization options offered by Golf VX. 
  1. Trackman and Uneekor offer innovative radar and camera technologies, though their entertainment features and computer/console setups are not ideal.
  1. Golfzon delivers high-lumen projectors and a robust system which may be too much to navigate while lacking the accuracy and playability of a Golf VX T2 Simulator.