Xander Schauffele’s Masterclass at the PGA Championship: A Breakdown of His Key Stats 

An eventful week at this year’s PGA Championship in Louisville, Kentucky, concluded with a deserving champion whose ability to close had often been questioned. Xander Schauffele silenced all doubts by sinking a 6-foot putt on the 18th hole for birdie, securing a one-stroke victory over Bryson DeChambeau. 

The rain-soaked Valhalla Golf Club allowed for a lower score than any major championship venue in history, with Schauffele’s twenty-one under par being incredibly impressive regardless of the conditions. 

Here at Golf VX Simulators, stats are our specialty, available in real-time as you play. Let’s examine the stats that propelled Xander to his first major victory. The next time you tee off from the comfort of your home, you can see how you measure up against one of the world’s best players, who no longer carries the title of the best to play the game without a major win. 

Greens in Regulation 

Winners on tour, especially in majors, often rank among the top players in the field in greens in regulation (GIR). Xander Schauffele exemplified this at Valhalla by finishing first in the field in GIR, hitting 60 out of 72 greens for an average of 15 per round. This achievement is extremely impressive, regardless of how soft the greens were. 

The 7,500-yard course posed no challenge for Xander. His length off the tee, combined with accurate iron play, proved critical in gaining an advantage over the field. This combination of power and precision was a key factor in his success. 

At Golf VX Simulators, tracking greens in regulation is automatic, allowing you to monitor your performance and see your average GIR over time. By analyzing these stats, you can identify areas for improvement and see how you stack up against top players like Xander Schauffele. 


In addition to Xander Schauffele’s outstanding ball striking, his performance around the greens was exemplary. When he did miss a green, he managed to get up and down 10 out of 12 times. His only two failed attempts were not due to poor chipping but rather missed putts inside of 5 feet on the 11th hole in round 2 and the 10th hole in the final round. 

Xander also excelled in sand saves, tying for first place by getting up and down from bunkers 5 out of 5 times. Scrambling, alongside greens in regulation, is crucial for shooting good scores. While hitting the ball well is important, consistently getting up and down is the key to maintaining good scores over the long run. 

Even on a simulator, Golf VX prioritizes scrambling stats. The change of lies and realistic video make you feel like you’re chipping on a real green, allowing you to practice and improve this vital aspect of the game. 

Birdie and Bogey Ratio 

Xander Schauffele’s scoring at Valhalla was nothing short of outstanding. He led the field in birdies, making 25 throughout the week, and also finished first in avoiding bogeys, with only 2. While making more birdies is crucial, reducing bogeys often has a more significant impact on improving a player’s score. Golf VX tracks your birdie and bogey averages automatically, providing you with precise insights into your performance and helping you identify areas for improvement. This feature ensures you know exactly where you stand and where to focus your practice efforts to lower your scores. 

Key Takeaways 

Xander Schauffele’s victory at the PGA Championship in Louisville, Kentucky, was a masterclass in skill and composure. By sinking a critical 6-foot putt on the 18th hole, Xander silenced his critics and secured a one-stroke win over Bryson DeChambeau. His impressive performance at the rain-soaked Valhalla Golf Club, finishing twenty-one under par, highlighted his exceptional abilities. 

Golf VX Simulators enable you to track key statistics, such as greens in regulation, scrambling, and birdie-bogey ratios, providing real-time insights into your game. By analyzing these stats, you can see how you measure up against top players like Xander Schauffele and identify areas for improvement. Whether you’re working on hitting more greens, improving your short game, or reducing bogeys, Golf VX gives you the tools to elevate your performance and enjoy the game to its fullest.